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2020 Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award in Public Service/Advocacy

Trinity Health is a non-profit Catholic health system serving communities across the country. They asked us to support their goals of inspiring staff, community members, and grassroots managers to get involved in advocacy efforts. The campaign needed to have a strong impact.

In 2020 we helped Trinity Health launch Care for the Common Good (C4CG), their advocacy initiative to promote affordable, comprehensive health care for all. Voters needed information and a reason to act now, so timing was crucial. For peak awareness and advocate engagement, we launched the campaign eight weeks before the 2020 election.

The campaign’s efforts generated more than 9000 petition signatures. We used online, email, social, paid advertising, and gamification strategies to leverage increased public interest during the 2 months leading up to the 2020 election.

Our campaign was recognized with a Platinum Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award in the Public Service/Advocacy category.

The Challenge

Create a campaign that will engage and inspire their audience (internal and community members) to become advocates for promoting awareness of the value of affordable, comprehensive health care for all.

Our Approach

The C4CG initiative featured 4 core themes of public health-related data, which we imagined as a deck of cards with each suit representing:

1. Access to Coverage
2. Public Health
3. Community Health
4. Affordable Health Care

We decided on a coordinated, multi-channel approach, including gamification components.

Our strategies had to be:

1. Actionable
2. Shareable
3. Lessen the taboo of talking politics
4. Serious, but with a positive spin
5. Easy to share
6. Buildable; one step at a time to advocacy

Our Solution

Advocate participation grew quickly and impressively. Email opens and click through rates exceeded average engagement, social media hashtags and Facebook ads surpassed standards for the health care industry.


• Significant website traffic recorded interest in educational effort resources.
Advocate participation grew by 14%.
• Initiative places #1 in Google search engine.


• Email efforts saw the campaign’s open & click through rates were 65% higher than the industry’s average.
• Segmentation based on advocate journey showed open rates as high as 78%.


• Linked In, Facebook, and Twitter delivered more than 400k impressions and about 12,000 engagements.
2,480 website referrals made via social media channels.
• Hashtags were used often and on many platforms with more than 1,393,000 impressions over the eight-week campaign.


• Paid ads (Facebook) aimed at colleagues and the community both tracked a 1.5% click through rate. This is almost double their industry's standard.


• Effective in engaging stakeholders and maintaining advocate interest.
• We guided participants through a series of advocacy activities:
• Signing a petition.
• Sharing campaign messages on social media.
• Printing and displaying signage.

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