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State Tax Constitutional Amendment

Working in lockstep with our market research partners at American Strategies, our team utilized a wide-range of engagement tactics to educate, persuade and mobilize likely ballot initiative supporters through an omni-channel communications approach.

The Challenge

Our objective was to gain public support around a key state-level ballot initiative through strategic messaging with best-in-class data targeting.

Initial polling indicated that only 31% of electorate was in favor of our client’s position with only 8% being strongly in favor. The main issue centered around confusing ballot language and explaining what the amendment would do. Once clarification was provided, the poll moved to 51% in favor.

It was obvious we needed an aggressive education campaign that touched the right people.

Our Approach

  • Market Research and Context: Determine campaign viability.

  • Campaign Outline: Develop tactics, timeline and KPIs.

  • Initial Message Testing: Discover those sub-campaign messages that resonate most.

  • Implementation: Activate campaign elements.

  • Optimization: Maximize ROI at every opportunity.

  • Measurement and Reporting: Compile campaign analytics and highlight toplines and compile campaign analytics.

Our Solution

In coordination with other channels, we executed an online video and display advertising campaign that directly targeted several different universes. The key to our online campaign was our ability to target ads directly to individual and household-level subscriber databases. This one-to-one match allowed us to target political audiences directly, in a “cookie-less”, device-agnostic way that maximized the effectiveness of our online advertising.

Because of this targeting methodology, we could reach out directly to our GOTV and persuadable targets. We also utilized matching technology that allowed us to directly reach out to businesses that would be affected by the amendment.

Between optimizing, constant message refinement, and one to one targeting we could ensure KPIs were met. In some cases, KPIs were 2 to 4 times the initial goals.

Campaign Results

On Election Day, the amendment prevailed 57% – 43%, a 26% increase in the ‘Yes’ vote from the initial polling.

Case Studies

From award-winning design and persuasive copy, to unmatched targeting capabilities online and off, we ensure your message reaches—and is remembered by—your audiences.