3 Ways Video Can Up Your Outreach Game

Thursday, July 30, 2020

By: Rebecca Jami, Chief Operating Officer

The ongoing pandemic may have slashed your advocacy organization’s plans for in-person gatherings—but this plot twist doesn’t have to mean an end to relationship building. Incorporating video into your outreach strategy ensures that your narrative doesn’t lose traction when you can’t meet face-to-face.

Below are three approaches to video production that I’ve found to be successful when working with our Grassroots and PAC clients.

1. Become a Visual Storyteller

Visual storytelling grabs the attention and hearts of your supporters in a way that copy alone rarely achieves. In fact, research shows that most people remember messages far better when accompanied by visuals.

The most effective visual narratives make good use of classic storytelling techniques like building a story arc, adding conflict, and incorporating metaphors. Since visual storytelling means showing, not just telling, techniques like visual hierarchy, custom color palettes and animated graphics can play a big role.

2. Focus on One Message at a Time

Don’t expect to cover every important element of your campaign with a single video. Instead, use video to drill into a single topic. Solving a specific problem, or providing a unique insight, will elevate your audience’s knowledge and convey the value of your efforts and their associated participation.

Speaking directly and poignantly to your audience about a specific subject elevates your campaign’s message and increases awareness. Messaging that’s too broad dilutes engagement by leaving your audience unsure of which step to take next.

3. Connect With Your Audience

Consider educating and motivating your audience with a video that’s built around testimonials and personal stories. This approach enhances relatability and helps people to feel more connected to your organization—especially during this time of isolation.

Videos like these can also serve as a how-to guide for new members or employees, who are looking to experienced active colleagues for wisdom and guidance. Watching an existing grassroots advocate or PAC supporter talk about how their involvement has made a difference can be a powerful campaign tool.

We hope you found these ideas useful. Let us know how we can help you set your next campaign apart with video.

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