Before and After, A Facebook Data Matching Makeover.

How ACCESS’s Data Process Transforms Client Campaigns.

Monday, November 16, 2020

By: Greg Adams, Chief Executive Officer


ACCESS wanted to demonstrate how transformative our signature approach to data matching is by conducting a digital before-and-after exercise. Since Facebook is often a big player in our client’s multi-channel media strategies, we decided to conduct our data matching makeover on their platform.

By the way, if you’re unfamiliar with data matching, it sounds exactly like what it is—matching a contact with their associated accounts. This process sounds straightforward, but the name a contact might use for one account can be slightly different on another. These discrepancies can make it difficult for some of our clients to get an accurate data match using a standard approach without our help.



We work with an organization in North Carolina that had a list of 29,468 contacts they had already identified for use in previous marketing campaigns. We imported the client contact list provided to Facebook “as is” using the Facebook audience loading tool.

Once the import was complete, we discovered that about 10,000 of those contacts could be matched to their personal Facebook accounts. This meant the client could now reach 34% of their existing contacts via Facebook.



ACCESS then took that same list of 29,468 names and ran it through our proprietary, digital onboarding platform. This process doesn’t add names to the contact list, rather it enhances the existing client data by populating it with more information. Contacts that previously might have only had a mailing address and single email now contain multiple email addresses, cell numbers and more. The extra data associated with each contact makes it much easier to match them with online profiles, like Facebook.

ACCESS uploaded the enhanced data to Facebook using our custom onboarding process, rather than the standard audience loading tool. After the data boost and custom uploading process, the client’s ACCESS-enhanced list matched with approximately 22,000 personal Facebook accounts—connecting them with 75% of their existing targets on Facebook.


But Wait There’s More.

We were having too much fun to stop here, so we also ran some tests to see if our data enhancements could improve their audience reach in other ways. It did.

In addition to more than doubling our client’s Facebook contact reach, we powered up their existing list by matching contact names with 48,296 browser-based profiles and 50,225 mobile device profiles. Because of ACCESS’s data matching makeover, the client now has a contact list capable of driving powerful omni-channel marketing campaigns.

We love showing clients how we can make the data they have in house stronger. Our approach to data transformation builds on the marketing outreach work that’s already been done by creating new pathways to engage with targets on. Discovering more digital access points also means our clients are able to reach a much larger audience, using a medium that’s known for being more budget-friendly than print. Let us know how we can help you with your next campaign.

For the fourth year in a row, ACCESS Marketing Services was recognized by Campaigns & Elections, picking up four Reed Awards, including Best Use of Programmatic Advertising, Best Radio Ad, and two for Best Mail Piece.



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